About Our Company


Eileen Licitri, the founder of Clearvoyance, has had a rich and colorful career that began with studies in business and education. She went on to co-own and operate a successful restaurant, served as residential staff at a homeless shelter, and worked as an executive/personal assistant.

Prior to founding Clearvoyance, Eileen spent 20 years supporting high-profile entertainment celebrities on their national and world tours. The only way one spends 20 years working for entertainers—a group that can have very specific tastes and distinct preferences—is by cultivating a finely honed ability to:

  • Work with others using a non-judgmental, loyal, and confidential approach
  • Accomplish disparate tasks in an extremely organized and resourceful manner
  • Meet timelines in a calm and orderly fashion

On the road, Eileen’s title was Wardrobe Manager/Backstage Coordinator. However, her job description extended far beyond her role of maintaining the stage clothes. Never knowing what situation the next city or country would bring, she honed her trademark qualities of extreme resourcefulness and being a master at thinking on her feet to serve in the following capacities:

Space Planner/Designer: No matter what the circumstances, life on the road can be grueling. To alleviate this, Eileen provided artists with consistency and privacy by transforming locker rooms, theatre dressing rooms, trailers, and even tents into comfortable, serene environments in locations ranging from China to Canada, Dubai to Dublin, and Tel Aviv to Turkey.

Personal Assistant: Eileen’s dedication to and efficiency in fulfilling artists’ needs on a daily basis in the midst of multi-tasking was met with success as well as appreciation.

Packing Expert: Life on the road involves continuous packing and unpacking. Eileen’s reputation was such that the artists she worked for often personally entrusted her to wrap, pack, and ship valuable items they purchased. They knew the things she packed would make it home in one piece—no matter what corner of the world it was sent from.

Catering Coordinator: Eileen worked with caterers and food suppliers at each venue to ensure performers’ specific dietary needs and preferences were met. In addition, she oversaw pre and post show hospitality rooms for artists and their guests.

Crisis Manager: Preparing for daily performances in cities that crisscross continents meant that Eileen became adept at managing crisis situations. She took in stride wardrobe management during live performances and emergency shopping trips to replace missing items discovered at the last minute.

Event Planner: From birthdays to baby showers to surprise engagement parties, Eileen planned and executed memorable themed events to mark life’s high points.

One of her signature achievements: Upon arriving in an unfamiliar city, Eileen was told that an artist she worked for had eloped the night before. With just eight hours notice, she transformed a locker room into the site of an elegant and intimate wedding reception for 60 guests—complete with a wedding cake, champagne, music, floral arrangements, furniture rented from a deluxe hotel suite, wall-to-wall carpeting that matched the furniture, and an antique candelabra and arbor—while simultaneously preparing the costumes for 14 people for that evening's performance.

The Story Behind the Name

The name Clearvoyance is a play on the word “clairvoyance,” which is the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception. Eileen Licitri, the founder of Clearvoyance, possesses an uncanny organizational ability and strong spatial intelligence. These talents allow her to quickly perceive ways to improve spaces, lifestyles, etc. Like most people with unique talent, her ability came so readily to her that she thought nothing of it. Not until colleagues began to describe her ability as akin to being clairvoyant did she realize that perhaps her skills weren’t the norm. Through this realization, Clearvoyance was born.

The best part of my work is the knowledge that by employing my organizational skills and passion for helping people, I am removing a burden from their lives. It is a delight to use what comes naturally to me for the benefit of others

-Eileen Licitri, Founder of Clearvoyance