Customized Organizing Services
To Suit Your Needs

We’ve helped people to gracefully transition from large homes into delightful studios, implemented efficiency by organizing unwieldy warehouses, and helped clients rein in spending by establishing sustainable budgets. Whatever your needs, Clearvoyance results are the same: We help you simplify your life and free your time.

Using Clearvoyance services means you’ll receive the extra help you need. However, there is one thing you’ll have to figure out on your own: What will you do with your newly found freedom?

Home & Office Organizing

Our space organizing services produce amazing results. From closets to kitchens, garages to storage units, or businesses to households, we help you:

  • Maximize your space to bring in fresh energy
  • Refine existing systems increasing usability & efficiency
  • Implement new, simple, and easy-to-maintain systems

Eileen is an organization marvel. I was totally overwhelmed until she came to my rescue. She organized a zillion books, files, and office supplies; rearranged my furniture; and devised tricks to optimize my small study.

-R. Ruth Linden, Principal, Public Health Associates


For most people, clutter is the number one barrier to efficiency. Count on Clearvoyance to provide:

  • Non-judgmental and patient assistance determining what to keep and what to let go of
  • Options for dispensing unwanted items
  • Removal/distribution of undesired items
  • An organized space that works for you

Moving/Packing & Unpacking

Depend on Clearvoyance to remove the stress from your move. We can expertly organize your entire move, or provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Hire and schedule movers
  • Order and deliver needed boxes and packing supplies
  • Provide expert and safe packing services
  • Secure prime parking/loading space
  • Supervise movers at both locales
  • Coordinate cleaning services at both locales
  • Unpack and setup your new home or office
  • Remove boxes and packing materials
  • Customize new space

We can customize new space as needed to ensure stylish and optimized layout, e.g., install shelving, design closet/drawer organization system, scout for new furniture options, acquire fabric accessories (pillows, tablecloths, chair coverings) that compliment chosen color scheme, etc.

I cannot completely describe the bliss of entering my new home for the first time. As one who pampers and helps others to feel and look their best, it was wonderful to experience someone applying the same treatment to my home. From unpacking, to hanging my pictures, to organizing my closets, to making tablerunners that matched my chair coverings and lampshade, Clearvoyance took care of every detail. It would have taken me over a year to customize my home to fit my belongings the way Clearvoyance did. And they did it in a couple of weeks while I was away on business I couldn’t be happier with the results.

-Debra Dietrich, Hair and Make-up Artist for Film and TV

Garage/Tag Sales

Sales are a great way to disperse unneeded items, yet they can be a lot of work. Let Clearvoyance:

  • Help you process items, deciding what to keep or sell
  • Set up needed tables, cash station, etc.
  • Price items and display to encourage purchase
  • Provide day of sale assistance
  • Removal/donation/recycling of any remaining items

Lifestyle Organizing/Personal Assisting

Let’s face gets busy, and can sometimes feel overwhelming. When this happens, call Clearvoyance. Whether on a regular or onetime basis, Clearvoyance provides help tailored to your specific needs. Examples include:

  • Calendar scheduling to optimize your time
  • Developing sustainable budgets
  • Personal shopping
  • Gift wrapping
  • Home decoration
  • Wardrobe consulting, care, and selection
  • Event planning: showers, parties etc.

Contact us to learn about our affordable rates and special pricing packages. Using Clearvoyance services means you’ll receive the extra help you need. However, there is one thing you’ll have to figure out on your own: What will you do with your newly found freedom?